The Sugar Plum



The Sugar Plum is Shaun’s first audio play that premiered online on Sunday December 22nd 2019. The play is a (very) loose adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s short story The Little Match Girl.

The Sugar Plum stars Anna Hale as Holly, Anna Olivia as Jenny, and Barbara Muston as Holly’s Mum, with additional voices from Gareth Johnson, Lianne Sellar, Laurence Kirk, Diane Nolan, Emmeline Downie, and with Shaun Nolan as The Narrator.

The description of the play is as follows:

Our story starts with Holly. When Holly’s grandmother passed and her family fell on hard times, her mother encouraged her to take to the streets of London and start busking. This Christmas – her first without her grandmother – compelled her to write an original song, one that’s admired by fellow busker Jenny. But what happens when admiration goes beyond flattery; when the less fortunate are preyed upon and mocked? In the face of hardship and crippling loneliness, Holly must find a way to look inside herself and make her individuality flourish.

The play features original music – including the original Christmas tune “When Christmas Comes to Call” – by Emma Thorpe.

Sound engineering by Anna Hale.

The play was written, directed, edited, and produced by Shaun Nolan.

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