Paper Dolls at the Edinburgh Fringe

Paper Dolls rectangular poster


Paper Dolls – a one-man political comedy, written and performed by Shaun Nolan – played at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Venue 29 (Paradise in the Vault) from August 4th to August 11th 2018.

The description about the play is as follows:

You think you’re having a hard week? Meet Billy. As part of Billy’s campaign to become an independent Member of Parliament, he’s introducing a unisex changing room in the huge London department store he works at, but finding success isn’t going to be easy. While Billy deals with sceptics and naysayers, he must also form a pitch to prove to his dubious manager that this changing room is an idea that should stay. What’s the worst that could happen? This unforgettable new one-man comedy features countless hilarious characters, all written and performed by Shaun Nolan.

Written, directed, produced and performed by Shaun Nolan, this was his fringe stage debut.


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