Paper Dolls & Other Shorts


Paper Dolls & Other Shorts, a transfer of Shaun’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe one-man play Paper Dolls, now accompanied with a first act of eight new short plays by Shaun, played at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre in the Second Space on April 13th 2019.

Paper Dolls starred Shaun Nolan, while the first act starred Rhiannon Bacchus, Verity Bennett, Emmeline Downie, Laurence Kirk, Shaun Nolan, and Matthew Underhill.

The description of the play is as follows:

After a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last Summer, local playwright Shaun Nolan brings his tour-de-force one-man play Paper Dolls to his home theatre.

As part of Billy’s campaign to become an independent Member of Parliament, he’s introducing a unisex changing room in the huge London department store he works at, but finding success isn’t going to be easy. While Billy deals with sceptics and naysayers, he must also form a pitch to prove to his dubious manager that this changing room is an idea that should stay and after that’s done, he must find a way to cope with the barrage of negative press coming from the media. Billy must fight for what he believes in and battle the negativity that comes with notoriety, whilst also trying to live life like a normal young man.

Now paired with a selection of brand-new short plays written by Shaun especially for this production and performed by local actors Rhiannon Bacchus, Verity Bennett, Emmeline Downie, Laurence Kirk, Matthew Underhill and Shaun himself, Paper Dolls & Other Shorts promises a night of laughs and thought-provoking stories. Accompanied by shorts like the scathing monologue God’s Gift, the heartbreaking Patience on a Monument, and the touching Party Baggage, the political farce Paper Dolls returns to the stage with pride.

Proceeds from this performance will be donated to the charity Sense, with whom Shaun is running the 2019 London Marathon. Sense supports young people who are born deaf-blind in living life to the full.

The show was written, directed and produced by Shaun Nolan.

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