Opening Doors with Shaun Nolan

Opening Doors s3 long

“I’ve always been fascinated by the process and how we all have different ideas and opinions, so I thought it was about time I gathered those opinions together and discussed. Join me, Shaun Nolan, as I talk to my friends about some of life’s biggest questions.” – Shaun Nolan

Opening Doors with Shaun Nolan was a magazine-style podcast that ran for three seasons between 2016 and 2018. Each episode centred around a question, normally inspired by a sociological question regarding a topic like feminism or equal rights. Host Shaun Nolan interviewed a wide selection of guests to gather different opinions on the topic to get the audience thinking about their own answer to the question of the week.

Season One of Opening Doors – comprising of 10 episodes – originally streamed online from September to December 2016. The second season of 10 episodes streamed originally from March to June 2017. The third and final season of the show began with a one-off Christmas special in December 2017 and continued its run in July 2018 with four more episodes. Following a hiatus, the show returned for the final five episodes of season three in October 2018, before concluding its run in November. New episodes were made available every Friday morning during the season’s run.

Alongside the main series, a “Footnotes” episode was released every Monday between each episode’s release. The Footnotes episodes were usually an extension of the episode from the Friday before, either continuing a conversation that was started the week before, or starting a new one with a guest that had appeared on the show already.

The original music for the series was composed by Emma Thorpe and produced by Tom Howells.

Opening Doors with Shaun Nolan is not currently available for streaming online.

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