Light The Lights London Walking Tour

shaun lights tour


Quote from the Voicemap app and website:

Take the lead in a tour of London’s historical cultural influences through time with the helping hand of me, blogger Shaun Nolan!

“Light the Lights” takes you on a tour from the Embankment, up Charing Cross Road, into Covent Garden, along the Strand and back to Leicester Square. As you walk, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the history of the beautiful buildings you see and the amazing people who have walked the same pavements as you.

London is a city that has forever been shaped by the culture that has influenced it, from literature, to theatre, to architecture. Famous creatives like Charles Dickens and Henry Irving have spent a lot of their lives in the city, being influenced by the environment and atmosphere. The vibrancy of the City we all know and love is a testament to that.

And it’s not just a writer’s playground – modern designers, intelligent innovators and important names have also helped to shape the city. The London Underground – the first underground train system in the world – is one of the city’s biggest landmarks, and memorable names like World War One nurse Edith Cavell are celebrated in the West End.

So come along with me, Shaun Nolan, as we look at the history and influence of culture, design and society on The Big Smoke. If you’re a fan of the theatre, a historical enthusiast or just a supporter of London itself, this tour is right up your street.

Vlog by Rukaya Cesar:

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