A Place Set Aside for Sleeping


“We’re born on beds, made on beds, and die on beds… It’s funny when you think about it.”

In April 2022, Shaun returned to the stage with his new play A Place Set Aside for Sleeping, which ran at the Queen’s Park Arts Centre in Aylesbury on Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd. Written and directed by Shaun, the show starred Sharina Bruno, Amber Kendrick, Barbara Muston, Shaun Nolan, and Hannah Rogers. The show was produced by Jacki Dann.

The description of the play is as follows: When the terrifying state of a vacated hotel room ensnares the cleaning staff of The Green Iguana, they’re forced to face their darkest demons: who were they when they entered this room, and who will they become by the time they leave?

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